The Environment

Our Talmalmo accommodation cottage is designed for couples in mind and provided for you as a relaxing stay in a secluded and natural environment. Our decking has been thoughtfully placed for you to take in the expansive view from both inside and outdoors. Soak up the Australian country atmosphere, watch the river flow past and the cattle grazing.

We try to be self sufficient and environmentally friendly here. We appreciate your consideration in following a few basic principles such as conserving water and energy during your stay here. We are in a remote area, and living in harmony with our surroundings requires a little extra from us. We trust you will join us in our attempts to maintain self sufficiency by observing these basic principles.

All that water running past us! But it is still precious – Apart the water resource, the electricity required to activate the pump when a tap is turned on is of equal concern regarding our enviromental impact. There are many other energy using devices we depend on daily because of our isolation, and minimising use becomes a natural habit.

Although the river water seems clear and fresh; we don't recommend it as drinking water.Complimentary bottled water is provided for your comfort, but you may wish to bring extra supplies.

Our toilet system is a septic system. While this is very efficient, it does require respect. Please help us to keep it that way and ensure you have a comfortable and happy stay. Avoid putting any waste, scraps, tissues, or sanitary items down the toilet.

Try your hand at "real " recycling. We are proud of our "green" approach to sustainability and hope will join us in minimising garbage. We will introduce you to our simple system and show how to use our clearly labelled bins at the cottage for your convenience. You will love the stroll along the river bank to unique mulch enclosures in the garden which overlooks the river.

Please don't feed the wildlife or encourage them to scavenge for scraps. It is not healthy for them or for us if they become a nuisance.

For your convenience we have provided a large plastic covered box in the cottage pantry for you to store non refrigerated food items. This will reduce the curiosity of unwanted visits from animals, birds, or insects.


It is really important to support the maintenance of our pristine conditions as much as possible during your stay and as you leave. We live in a habitat occuppied by all sorts of wonderful native wildlife which we want to preserve. Please keep the surrounding area clean of your waste, eg dog poo, cigarette butts. papers, etc, by using the rake and bins provided.

We have a "no smoking" policy inside the cabin. For your enjoyment we have ashtrays on the veranda. We are in a designated BushFire Prone Area. Please be responsible and don't throw cigarette butts into the surrounding grasses.