Pet Friendly Talmalmo Cottage

We love our pet dogs, as well as our pet English Suffolk Sheep (who help mow the house paddocks). Therefore we understand that people want Pet Friendly accommodation when they travel. We know that most people who holiday with pets are very responsible pet owners and are concerned with the welfare of their companion animal at all times, as are we.

For your own comfort and the comfort of other visitors after your stay, here are some simple reminders to check off when bringing your pet to our Accommodation cottage:

  • Your dog needs to have had the basic annual vaccination (C3) for Parvovirus/Hepatitis.
  • Must have had regular worming treatment/tablets.
  • We would prefer that your dog have some flea treatment 24hrs before arrival if they are not already on a regular flea program (Frontline, Advantage or similar).
  • Your dog must be under your control at all times, as we are surrounded by farms with stock on them.


We can offer a ‘day care’ kennel facility for a small fee for friendly pets that are up to a medium build if you wish to do some day time sightseeing, visiting National Parks or 'whatever' that takes your fancy for the day.


For something different, Jill has a studio here and is well known for her work painting animals, so while you are here if you want to commission an art work you can begin the process with an on-site dog interview.

Ensure you and your pets enjoy your holiday by checking our requirements and discussing the suitability of your pet to our environment.