Talmalmo Cottage Local Features

Talmalmo Cottage offers a variety of local features for you to enjoy and explore, these include the Dora Dora Hotel, the Wymah Ferry, Pine Mountain and much more!

A leisurely drive towards Wymah will take you through magnificent scenery, past Talmalmo Village, the Dora Dora Hotel, several reserves with river access, and then around the Murray arm of Lake Hume.


The Dora Dora Pub was built more than 150 years ago and was delicensed in1998, since then it has been owned as a private residence.


On the way to Wymah Ferry, call into one of the several reserves for a photo opportunity of the spectacular reflections on the Upper Murray arm of the Hume dam. This has been a favorite"plein air" location for many well known Australian artists because of the shifting light, colour and reflections.

The Wymah Ferry is a cable operated ferry that stretches across the upper reach of Lake Hume, which is the old Murray River watercourse being the border between New South Wales and Victoria. The ferry crosses from the community of Wymah on the NSW side of the river to Granya, which is approimately 35kms east of Albury.

The ferry route seems to date back to the 19th century. When the Hume Dam was completed in 1936 the range of the ferry had to be increased in order to cross the raised and widened water level of Lake Hume.

The Wymah Ferry is one of only 2 cable operated ferries to cross 2 different sections of the Murray River between New South Wales and Victoria.


Visit an operating organic Olive Farm, with olive products for sale. Make an appointment at time of Booking.


The perfect de-stress! Make an appointment with local "Bowen Therapy" specialist Maree Roberts, who is also an Arbonne Skin Care Consultant. Maree can offer a range of facials and massage, and will come to you at Talmalmo Cottage if you make an appointment at the time of Booking.

Pine Mountain is debated to be the largest monolith in Australia at 1.5 times bigger than Uluru. The base of Pine Mountain is located 10 km southeast of Walwa. The mountain is part of the Burrowa-Pine Mountain National Park which offers a large number of 4WD and walking tracks, waterfalls, picnic and camping areas, and numerous lookouts. To get there from Talmalmo Cottage you drive through the village of Jingellic, and over the bridge to Walwa.

With a resident population of less than 30, Jingellic is a picturesque setting right on the Upper Murray River and sits nearby to the entrance of the bridge which crosses over to Victoria and onto Walwa. It has a grocery store that sells fishing licences and supplies and it is also the local post office. Jingellic also boasts a great hotel – The Bridge Hotel is a great little country pub boasting a spectacular position beside the river with a warm atmosphere and delicious food. Established in 1925 it is one of Australias original pubs and is right beside the riverbank. Enjoy a drink overlooking the river. Also a good spot to swim and fish.

The township of Walwa has less than 300 residents, but has a variety of quality facilities, including the Walwa Golf Course, which is a 9 hole course on Murray River Road.

A historic building which caters for the township of Walwa and the surrounding farming community. It stocks groceries, serves coffee and take away food, all general store items, and tourist information.

The WBNC has created a highly innovative multi-purpose facility which includes an Emergency 24hr / 7 day presence, community nursing, co-located Walwa Medical Practice, a new community centre with gym, a rural transaction centre including WAW Credit Union presence, business centre and technology room with public internet access.

Arts and crafts shop, featuring local artist's products.